AI and Automation in Marketing: Views from Customer’s Perspective

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Yesterday, while using a D2C platform, I got a 50% off for a product I was sceptical to buy, the result of which I purchased the product! How was this possible? Through data. Through AI and Automation! The platform tracked my behaviour of adding the product to the cart and removing it and gave me an incentive to purchase the said product.

Every organisation strives to improve its customer experience through marketing, and these days AI and Automation are used by every organization to market its products. This is because a significant amount of people have moved online. It can help organisations target a large group of customers, increase trials for their products and gain more traction.

But what are AI and Automation and how is it used in marketing?

Simply, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer or software to do tasks(like collecting data or generating insights) that are tedious or wasteful the time for humans. Automation is the process through which the said task is done.

The usage of AI and Automation in marketing entails many things: Make automatic selections primarily based totally on information collection, information analysis, and further observations of the target market or financial traits which could affect advertising efforts. AI is regularly utilized in advertising efforts in which pace is essential. AI equipment uses information and client profiles to discover ways to clearly communicate with customers, then serve them tailor-made messages at the proper time without intervention from advertising group members, making sure most efficient. For lots of today’s marketers, AI is used to reinforce advertising groups or to carry out greater tactical responsibilities that require much less human nuance.
Simply, Artificial Intelligence and Automation collect data and generate unique experiences quickly.

But as customers, how will the use of AI and Automation change the way we use any platform?

1. Tailored and Personalized Experience:
When you enter your age, your geography or reveal anything personal about you when signing up for an application, AI technologies utilise it to give a more personalised and relevant field for you. Target groups can be easily identified through behaviour tracking and Below The Line(specific and targeted) marketing can be easily achieved.

2. Reducing Grievances and Customer Service Problems:
The use of AI and automation in marketing can help address customer issues as quickly as possible, thus helping a customer be loyal to us. Technologies like chatbots and virtual assistants can enhance the customer experience to a great level and can improve navigation through various sites.

3. More discounts and offers:
As mentioned in the opening statement, giving our data to any platform can help us try newer products, and get good (and much required) discounts and offers, providing for a hassle-free trying experience. Think Zomato. Every time you buy something to eat, it gives you pairs that may go well with the said dish, with discounts.

It is clear that when a company uses AI and automation tools in marketing our experience as customers is thoroughly enhanced. But everything comes at a cost. After all, as data is the new oil, companies can nudge customers to acquire it for actionable insights.
Hence, the old phrase of “Let The Buyer Beware” has indeed made a comeback.

As customers, the following can indeed hamper our experience when intelligence technologies are used in marketing:

1. Privacy Breach:
Not everyone likes to be followed along every step of the way. It may seem intrusive that companies are tracking our every movement and generating business for themselves. This is the price we willingly (or unwillingly) pay for when we want an enhanced customer experience.

2. Buying fake products?/Reverse Consumerism:
Hopescope, a popular fashion youtube from the USA, clicked on an Instagram advertisement serving her needs. It was a luxury legging website and she bought it. However, post one month, the website, her leggings and her money were nowhere to be seen.
Sometimes companies may understand our behaviour and offer us lucrative discounts and offers, for products we seemingly don’t need. While this has been done for a long time, the personalisation and actionability using automation are immense, hence nudging customers to make decisions they don’t want to make.

3. Hampered Customer Experience:
In India, a lot of people use the same Amazon Prime account, sometimes from the same system. While we agree to share our data for a better experience, multiple account sharing can lead to biases in data thus collected and consequently hamper our customer experience.

It is true that everything has moved digital these days. And with that, as customers, we have to beware and make careful choices.
AI and automation in marketing can make us elated through a seamless customer experience, but if we aren’t careful, it can backfire.



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